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The Olympics started over
3000 years ago. It was held in Greece. The games were held to honour the God Zeus. In the beginning there was only one event. It was running. Those days the Olympics were important for men because they often had to go to war. The prizes were olive wreaths, palm branches and woolen ribbons, but if an athlete performed really well, a statue would be put up in his honour.
One day there was an earthquake and landslide that destroyed and buried the stadium. Everyone forgot the Olympics after that.
In 1875, a German Archaeologist found pieces of the old stadium.
In 1896 the first modern Olympics was held in Greece. There were
13 countries and 42 events in different sports. In 1924 the Winter Olympics started.
Now we have the Olympics every four years. This year the Olympics are held in Rio.

Senuka Nagodavithana (Grade 5)
St. Thomas’ Preparatory School

My concert
Our Grade Three concert, ‘Primary 3 Shines’ was held on July 28, 2016 at the Bishop’s College Main Hall. The concert was in the evening.
Our item was Sinhala Singing. We sang Sinhala songs such as Chuk Gudu Gudu, Athuru Mithuru, Mal Kekulu Pokuru and many more. I was singing and acting as a boy in the song ‘Chuk Gudu Gudu’.
I was happy to see my parents and my sister watching me when I was doing my act. There were many other interesting items such as a Ballet, Tamil dance and English plays. The items were great and I loved my Grade Three concert.

Ranali Kodikara (8 years)
Bishop’s College

If I become a class teacher
I like to be a teacher and to be with children. I like to be a class teacher. A class teacher will have a big responsibility. A teacher should be very kind, helpful, friendly and understanding towards every child.

Some responsibilities of a class teacher are marking the register daily, keeping a good relationship between children and their parents and also to keep a pleasant learning environment in the class. I have to give the students a chance to develop their skills and talents. Then only will they be interested in their educational work.

The primary responsibility of a teacher is to give the students a good education and maintain their discipline. I have to teach their lessons in a simple way and clearly, hold term tests and give marks to check their knowledge.

There I will meet talented students and weak students. I have to encourage the weak students to work hard to improve themselves. If they children make mischief or mistakes, I have to explain to them what is correct and what is incorrect. What is good and what is bad. And if a student is not well, I have to give them medicine from the first aid box or call a parent and send them home.
I always should work to keep them happy. Then I can win their hearts.

I have to give them a successful future and make them useful to themselves, their parents and to the country. Then I can think that I taught my students like my teachers taught me. Teaching is a very rewarding service.

Anuthi Samaranayake (Grade 7)
Anula Vidyalaya, Nugegoda

Can we discipline people only with laws?
Law, as we all know is a set of rules which are implemented to make a better society and to discipline people. It is used in countries, schools, institutions etc. Anyone and everyone cannot implement the law. The government of a particular country implements laws for that particular country. Laws differ from country to country. The directory board of a particular school implements the law for that particular school. Laws differ from school to school too. Therefore we have to abide by the law and rules of a particular place, no matter where or who we are. The law is not always just, but if we break the law we are punishable.

Our country, Sri Lanka mostly uses the Dutch Roman Law which was implemented in the 1600’s by the Dutch. This is unfortunate as these laws are very old and were implemented according to the society which prevailed at that time. But, the present society is totally different from the society which prevailed then.

I believe that the law should be stricter so that criminal activities such as smuggling, drug dealing, murders etc., would be reduced to a greater extent.

Unfortunately most criminals and certain politicians do not want to change these laws because they are benefitting from them.
We cannot completely discipline people through laws. Law is just implemented but people should also be educated enough to follow the rules accordingly. Wisdom and knowledge are important for a person to live a happy life along with abiding by the law.

Ilma Waris (Grade 9)
Lead the Way Girls’ Int.

Your body needs water. You can stay without food for one or two days but you cannot stay without water. There are many sources of water. They are from well, river, tap water and the main source of water is rain water. Well water and river water should be boiled before drinking.

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with many natural sources of water. Water helps us to produce electricity to run engines and many other things.We must prevent wasting water by repairing leaking taps etc. Water is polluted by oil from factories, by dumping garbage, by soap water etc.

We must drink four to six litres of water a day. We cannot live without water. Water is important to us.

Thushadhi Kavindya (Grade 5)
Royal Int. School, Kegalle


Our school library
My school is Badi-ud-din Mahmud Girls College. It is in the heart of Kandy city. Our school has a big library. There are a lot of books in it. There are English books, Tamil books, Science books and newspapers in the library.
During our leisure we go to this library and read books. We can promote our knowledge by reading books and magazines. We should cultivate the habit of reading books.
I am very glad that we have a library in our school.

Rizna Iftikar (11 years)
Badi-ud-din Mahmud College, Kandy

My favourite horror movie
There are many horror movies in the world. Among them I like Conjuring, Annabelle, Insidious and Child’s Prey very much. But my most favourite horror movie is Conjuring. Conjuring is an American supernatural horror film directed by James Wan. The 1st movie was released in 2013 and the 2nd movie was recently released this year.
I have watched the 1st movie. This story tells us about a family haunted by ghosts as they move to a new house. It is said to be a true story that happened a long time ago. However, that story is very interesting and I like to watch it again and again. Now I am looking forward to watching Conjuring 2 movie which has grown into a very popular film these days.

Mihashi Ranasinghe (Grade 9)
Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

Haggala Garden
Haggala Botanical Garden is one of
the most beautiful gardens in Sri Lanka. It is in Nuwara Eliya district, 9.5 km away from Nuwara Eliya city on the Badulla Road. It was established in 1841 as an experimental cultivation of Cinchona. Later it was turned into an experimental cultivation of tea. In 1884, it was transformed into a garden.
This garden is very famous for orchids and roses. There are many varieties of roses. During the season from January to April the whole area is like a paradise; almost all the trees are loaded with flowers. The climate is cold but very pleasant. Thousands of foreigners and locals visit the garden during the season.

Sarasi Chandrasiri (Grade
Girls’ High School, Kandy

My best friends
My best friends are Vileka and Chami. They were very good, bright and
faithful. They were also very joyful.
So I like them very much. I was happy every day when they were in my class.
But now they are in another class. So I am worried that they are not with me now but I can say even I have best friends, that they are my dearest friends Vileka and Chami. I love them very much.
But in my new class I also have friends. They are Savidya and Hiruni.
I like them as they are also very
joyful, good and faithful friends. I love them also but I will never forget my old dear friends Vilaka and Chami.

Shamain Wijayarathne (Grade 9)
Good Shepherd Convent, Kandy

Value of newspapers
Newspaper is one of the media of communication. Newspapers bring us first-hand news not only of Sri Lanka but also of the other countries of the world. Some newspapers are published daily. Others are published weekly. Newspapers are published in all three languages, Sinhala, English and Tamil. Dinamina, Divaina, Lankadeepa and Lakbima are daily Sinhala newspapers. The English dailies are Daily News, Daily Mirror and the Island. Thinakaran, Dinapathi, Veerakesari and Sudaroli are the Tamil dailies. Silumina, Irida Lankadeepa, Irida Divaina and Irida Lakbima are weekly Sinhala newspapers. The English
weekly newspapers are Sunday Island, Sunday Observer, Sunday Times and Sunday Leader.

We can read local news, foreign news, obituaries, sports diary, employment advertisements, other advertisements and articles in a newspaper. The most important feature of a newspaper is its editorial. Newspapers play an important role in society. It voices the public opinion. We find a lot of articles written by distinguished writers. They are on political, social, educational and cultural topics. Newspapers educate the people. That is why it has become popular among people in all walks of life. In a newspaper there are special pages for children too. The sports page is very popular among young readers. Newspapers are regarded as the cheapest means to get all important local and foreign news.

A newspaper is indispensable to the modern men and his community.

Fathim Ilham (Grade 9)
Vincent Girls’ High School, Batticaloa

Najem garażu

Burmistrz Brzeska ogłasza nieograniczony przetarg ustny (licytację) na najem lokalu użytkowego położonego w Brzesku:  przy ul. Legionów Piłsudskiego nr 40B – (lokal położony na parterze, a szczegółowo w tzw. przyziemiu) o powierzchni: 17,00 m2, z przeznaczeniem na garaż,  na warunkach określonych w zał. nr 2  do Zarządzenia Burmistrza Brzeska nr 112/2015 z dnia 7 maja 2015r.

 Powyższy lokal przeznaczono do najmu na czas nieoznaczony.

Przetarg odbędzie się w dniu 5 sierpnia 2015r.(środa) w siedzibie Urzędu Miejskiego w Brzesku przy ul. Głowackiego 51, o godz. 1100 w sali narad, znajdującej się na półpiętrze.

1. W przetargu mogą brać udział osoby fizyczne i prawne, organizacje nie posiadające osobowości prawnej które wpłacą wadium w terminie i w sposób podany w niniejszym ogłoszeniu.

2. Stawka wywoławcza czynszu miesięcznego za 1,0 m2powierzchni użytkowej lokalu wynosi:           10,00 złotych netto/m2,

Do wylicytowanej stawki czynszu netto zostanie doliczony podatek VAT w wysokości obowiązującej na dzień wystawienia faktury.

3. Termin płatności czynszu ustala się na 20-ty dzień każdego miesiąca z góry w okresie objętym umową najmu, z wyjątkiem pierwszej należności za trzy pełne okresy, której termin płatności ustala się do dnia 12 sierpnia 2015r.

4. Czynsz za najem lokalu podlega corocznej waloryzacji dokonywanej z początkiem każdego roku kalendarzowego, w wysokości określonej wskaźnikiem wzrostu cen towarów i usług konsumpcyjnych za rok poprzedni opublikowanym przez Prezesa GUS.

Pierwsza waloryzacja będzie dokonywana w roku następującym po roku w którym zawarto umowę najmu.

5. Warunkiem dopuszczenia oferenta do przetargu jest wpłata wadium w wysokości:                510,00złotych,

Wadium należy wpłacaćgotówkąw punkcie kasowym w Urzędzie Miejskim w Brzesku, ul. Głowackiego 51 najpóźniej do godziny 15-tej w dniu 31 lipca 2015r. lubnakonto nr:18 8591 0007 0100 0902 1786 0006, najpóźniej do dnia 31 lipca 2015r. (wpłaty należy dokonać w taki sposób, aby w dniu 31 lipca 2015r. wymagana kwota znajdowała się na wskazanym rachunku bankowym).

6. Uczestnicy są zobowiązani do złożenia przed przetargiem oświadczenia o zapoznaniu się
z warunkami przetargu ( regulaminem przetargu oraz projektem umowy najmu).
Z dokumentami tymi można zapoznać się w pokoju nr 119 (I piętro), w godzinach od 730
do 1530 albo na stronie internetowej –

7. Uczestnikom, którzy nie wygrają przetargu, wadium zostanie zwrócone w terminie
do trzech dni licząc od dnia zakończenia przetargu czekiem lub na konto, którego numer należy podać przed przetargiem, w pokoju nr 119.

8. a/ Uczestnik, który wygra przetarg jest zobowiązany do zawarcia umowy najmu
w terminie do 7 -miu dni,
od dnia rozstrzygnięcia przetargu, po uprzednimuregulowaniu należnościw postaci czynszu brutto wyliczonego za trzy pełne okresy płatności – wg stawki wylicytowanej w przetargu.

b/ Wadium wpłacone przez uczestnika przetargu, który wygrał przetarg zalicza się na poczet czynszu najmu.

9.W razie uchylenia się uczestnika od uiszczenia należności określonej w pkt.8a niniejszego ogłoszenia albo od zawarcia umowy w wyznaczonym terminie, wpłacone przez niego wadium ulega przepadkowi.

10. Najemca po przejęciu lokalu ponosi koszty dostawy wody i odbioru ścieków oraz poboru energii elektrycznej w sposób opisany w załączniku nr 2 do Zarządzenia Burmistrza Brzeska nr 112/2015 z dnia 07.05.2015r.

Zastrzega się prawo odwołania przetargu.

Bliższe informacje udzielane są w Urzędzie Miejskim w Brzesku – Wydziale Geodezji, Gospodarowania Mieniem i Rolnictwa, pokój 119, tel. 14/ 68-65-157 lub 68-63-100 wew.157.

Oświadczenie oferenta,  regulamin przetargu,  umowa najmu

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