Iit Bombay Phd Management Dissertations

Anusha Gavankar

Anusha completed her B.A. in Economics at Sophia College (University of Mumbai) in 2001 and then a Post-Graduate Diploma in Social Communication Media at the Sophia Polytechnic (Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education) in 2002. In 2015, Anusha received her M.A. degree in Sociology at the University of Mumbai. She also holds a number of postgraduate diplomas: Diploma in Comparative Mythology (2014), Advanced Diploma in Comparative Mythology (2015), Diploma in Sanskrit (2017) and has completed the Certificate Course on Bhakti Literature (2017), all from the Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai. In 2015, she wrote a thesis on ‘Shirdi Sai Baba: Understanding the socio-cultural, political and mythical aspects of a phenomenal devotion movement’. She has been a Visiting Faculty Member and Course Coordinator for the courses on Comparative Mythology at the University of Mumbai and has presented research papers at the International Association for Comparative Mythology, Harvard University, for two consecutive years.
Since March 2015, Anusha has been working closely with Professor Emerita Marika Vicziany (Monash University) on the Koli villages of Mumbai. As a member of Professor Vicziany’s team, Anusha has been studying how Koli religious beliefs and practices are changing in response to the reconfiguration of Mumbai’s urban and ecological environment. A forthcoming paper on the ‘People of The Water: The Sat Asaras (Seven Water Spirits), The Kolis and Mumbai’s Development’ involves Anusha as the co-author after Professor Vicziany and Dr. Jayant Bapat, both from Monash University in Melbourne. This background inspired Anusha to apply to the Ph.D. program at the IITB-Monash Research Academy to work on the project called - ‘Lives, Livelihoods and Aspirations of the Kolis in Mumbai: Urban Transformation, Space, Habitat and Coastal Contestations’. She looks forward to working on this project under the supervision of Professor D. Parthasarathy (IIT Bombay), Dr. Samanthi Gunawardana (Monash University) and Professor Emerita Marika Vicziany (Monash University).
Link to student's project: HSS0707 A

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Eligibility for Admission

An applicant to the Ph.D programme at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences should meet one of the following requirements:

1) The applicant should have obtained at least 55% marks (50% marks for SC/ST) in M.A. or equivalent degree in Humanities / Social Sciences subjects, OR

2) A First Class or 60% marks (55% marks for SC/ST) in Master’s degree in Science / Commerce / Graduate Degree in Engineering / Technology will be considered for research areas consistent with the academic background and special interests of the applicant, OR

3) An M.Phil. degree in any of the six disciplines (pertaining to the research areas listed below) or in any allied subjects, or an M.Phil. in “Humanities and Social Sciences with specialization in Planning and Development” awarded by IIT Bombay.

A minimum of 2 years of professional work experience for Sponsored or External Category (EX) and Self Financing Category (SF) is mandatory. To be considered for the Institute Teaching Assistantship (TA), the applicant must possess a valid GATE score or have qualified the CSIR/ UGC/ ICSSR/ ICPR/ MET/ an equivalent qualifying examination.

Research Areas: 

i) Economics: Money, Banking & Finance, Economic Systems, Gandhian Thought, Managerial Economics, Applied Econometrics, Monetary Economics, Industrial Economics, Industry  Environment Linkages, Monetary Economics and International Finance, Multinationals and Technology Transfer, International Trade

ii) English: Modern Critical Theory, Aesthetics, Linguistics & ELT, Indian and Western Drama, Modern Literature, Creative Writing, Literature, Drama & The Contemporary Media, A Conscientization Method for Language Teaching, Victorian Studies, Postmodern Literature and Intertextual Theory, Syntactic Theory, First Language Acquisition, Linguistic Deficits, Language Processing, Conservation of Endangered Languages (especially Dravidian minority languages), Women’s Studies, Cultural Studies, South Asian Fiction in English and in Translation

iii) Philosophy: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Language, Contemporary Western Philosophy, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Postmodern Theory, Classical Indian Philosophy, Buddhism, Vedanta Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Comparative Religion, Analytical Philosophy 

iv) Psychology: Stress Management, Women’s Studies/Psychology, Gender Roles, Social Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Development, Organizational Behavior and Social Development, Social Psychology of Education, Crisis Management and HRD, Technology and Rural Development, Health and Clinical Psychology, Ergonomics.

Cognitive Science/Psychology/Neuroscience, Cognitive Disorders, Cognition and Emotion, Time perception

v) Sociology: Political Sociology, Sociology of Development, Rural Sociology, Environmental Sociology, Religion and Social Movements, Sociology of Contemporary India, Social Change, Family and Kinship, Urban Sociology, Ethnic Relations/Communal Violence, Sociology of Agriculture, Technology Adoption and Social Impact Assessment, Ethnicity and Multiculturalism, Sociological Theory, Sociology of Gender, Sociology in India, Dalit Studies, Media and Culture

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