Pre Ap English Assignments

Required Summer Reading

Pre-AP English I
Teacher: Amanda Witt

Students entering Pre-AP English I at Oxford High School need to have completed the following assignments before the first day of class:

  1. Read one book from the fiction book list.
  2. Read one book from the nonfiction book list.
  3. Read the essay The Streets of Jerusalem.
    Click here to download The Streets of Jerusalem.
  4. Come to school prepared to do the following:
    1. Take a written test on the reading.
    2. Thoroughly discuss the concepts and themes of the books.
      *NOTE: The class will engage in an in-depth study of the fiction novels. We will be using literary discussion circles to complete this study. To be successful in the class discussions and activities, it is imperative that each student complete the reading.
    3. Possible discussion topics to consider while reading:
      • How do the characters change? Do they learn life lessons that force them to see the world differently? What are the decisions made by the characters? How do these decisions contribute to the characters’ development?
      • Can you find any connections between your fiction choice and your nonfiction choice?
      • How can The Streets of Jerusalem connect to your fiction choice?
      • How can The Streets of Jerusalem connect to your nonfiction choice?
      • Do either of your reading choices relate to previous reading you have done?
      • Pay attention to, and define, unfamiliar vocabulary.
      • What did you find interesting about his book? What did you learn from reading this book? Highlight or mark quotations that you found interesting or that stood out to you.
      • What did you not understand about this book or topic? Highlight or mark quotations that require more research on your part.


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