My Brother Descriptive Essay Prompts

What Is a Descriptive Essay?

A descriptive essay is a type of an essay that aims to provide a detailed description to the object of the essay, whether it is an emotion or a person, historic event or an object.


A descriptive essay is usually more focused on a specific topic that is important to a certain audience or targeted group, whereby the writer paints this visual image by appealing to the senses. In other words, it paints a picture with words.

50 Inspiring Descriptive Essay Topics

The list of descriptive essay topics that one could think of could fill the stars in the sky. But below, we have compiled some ideas for essay topics based on their level of complexity.

Descriptive Essay Topics on Place

  • Descriptive Essay on a Busy Street
  • Descriptive Essay on My Favorite Place
  • Descriptive Essay on New York City
  • Descriptive Essay on London
  • Descriptive Essay on the Beach
  • Descriptive Essay on a Busy Market Place
  • Descriptive Essay on Your Dream House
  • Descriptive Essay on My Bedroom
  • Descriptive Essay on Seaworld
  • Descriptive Essay on Disneyland
  • Descriptive Essay on Times Square

Descriptive Essay Topics on Events/Holiday

  • Descriptive Essay on a Memorable Journey
  • Descriptive Essay on a Rainy Day
  • Descriptive Essay on Christmas
  • Descriptive Essay on Accident Scene
  • Descriptive Essay on Summer Day
  • Descriptive Essay on Journey by Train
  • Descriptive Essay on Thanksgiving
  • Descriptive Essay on a Day on an Island
  • Descriptive Essay on Moving to other/another City
  • Descriptive Essay on a Visit to a Hospital
  • Descriptive Essay on French Revolution

Descriptive Essay Topics on People/Relations

  • Descriptive Essay on My Mother
  • Descriptive Essay on My Best Friend
  • Descriptive Essay on Friendship
  • Descriptive Essay on Childhood Memories
  • Descriptive Essay on Someone You Admire
  • Descriptive Essay on My Brother

Descriptive Essay Topics on Art

  • Descriptive Essay on a Sculpture
  • Descriptive Essay on Painting
  • Descriptive Essay on a Picture
  • Descriptive Essay on Architecture

Other Descriptive Essay Topics

  • Descriptive Essay on Sports
  • Descriptive Essay on Beauty
  • Descriptive Essay on Celebrity: Mel Gibson
  • Descriptive Essay on Natural Disasters
  • Descriptive Essay on Hobbies
  • Descriptive Essay on How to Prepare for an Exam
  • Descriptive Essay on Love
  • Descriptive Essay on Cognitive Dissonance
  • Descriptive Essay on Technology
  • Descriptive Essay on Travelling
  • Descriptive Essay on Places to Spend a Vacation
  • Descriptive Essay on Traditions
  • Descriptive Essay on Culture
  • Descriptive Essay on a Good Day
  • Descriptive Essay on a Place in Nature
  • Descriptive Essay on Places to Be Alone
  • Descriptive Essay on Nature
  • Descriptive Essay on Lessons Taught by Life

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How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Your Elder Brother

Did you get a home task and it is to write a descriptive essay about your elder brother? Do not know how to write a perfect descriptive essay? Do you need to write it as quick as the wind, but you have no fresh ideas? There is good news for you! All you need is to read this useful article, because here you will read everything about the much needed preparation for writing, what is really important, and some tips and tricks, which will help you to write a brilliant descriptive essay about your elder brother.


Firstly, to compose an essay you need to gather the information about the object you are writing about, especially if it is a descriptive essay. Where to get this information? There are some sources to consult, and all of them can be read below.

  • Ask your brother. Simple and genius tip, don’t you think? It is the best decision to ask some intriguing and thought-provoking questions. Find some time, visit your brother and feel free to talk to him. Be sure, he will help you, because he knows what a pain can a home task be, especially writing descriptive essays. You see, these questions have to be fascinating and interesting. Ask about some extraordinary hobbies and preferences, what he likes to do in his spare time, what are his attitudes to coworkers or classmates. The crucial point here is: the more curious his answers will be, the more interesting your essay will be.
  • Talk to the parents. The fact is that parents are those who were taking care of your brother when he was a baby. They know mostly everything about his “formative years”. Ask them questions about his childhood, if he was an obedient or capricious boy, what he liked to eat most of all, what toys were his favorite ones. They will definitely say something unusual and maybe even funny.
  • Refresh your memories. Recall who was with you when your parents went to visit their friends or to a meeting? It was your brother, how could you forget? That way, try to recall something from your childhood. Maybe there were some stories, which only you and your elder brother know, or he inspired you to do something a bit dangerous. You also have to think about what you like most about your brother. Maybe that is his character trait or even something like his eyes or hairstyle.
  • A photo. One part of writing descriptive essays is describing the appearance of the subject at hand. You need to have a photo of your elder brother while describing the appearance in order to mention everything and write as honestly as possible. You can also miss something extraordinary about your brother, for example unique birthmarks or something that can complete your essay and help you to get a higher mark.

No Devices

You see, it is dangerous to have a mobile phone near you while you have to write something that requires deep concentration. The reason is that somebody can write to you on a social networking site and you will start checking new posts from your friends. So, the best decision is to leave your phone in another room or turn it off and put into a drawer.

Rest Before Writing

Sounds silly, but you must have a little rest before writing this essay. That way, after gathering all the necessary information, sit down and close your eyes. Believe us, 30 seconds are enough for the brain to relax and become ready for active work. Do not neglect this advice! It is really important, as those who do not do this are tempted to stop writing after being done with half of the text.

The Beginning

That is the part of the essay where you do not need to compose enormous sentences. You also do not have to start describing your brother in this part. The beginning is made for general information. The main aim of it is for readers to get acquainted with the subject. So, you have to write a little bit about the background: whether your family is living in a small town or city. Then say, that you live in a family of 4 (or whatever the number is) and say who they are one by one. After that you can write, that today your task is to introduce your elder brother.

The Main Body

There have to be several paragraphs that make this part so big. Typically, that is the largest and most informative part of your essay. Feel free to use everything that you have gathered as this can make your mark higher. Here are some points, which will help you to cope with this part.

  • General knowledge. In this paragraph, you have to write your brother’s first name, last name, age and the place where he lives. For example, write that your elder brother is a handsome man named Mike Bell (here you have to write his name). Then inform if he is 16 or 35, for example. Then you have to write that he lives with you and your parents or maybe that he has a wonderful wife and a happy kid. This information is, obviously, unique, so you have to write only the real facts, without using this name or further information, as it is only example.
  • In this part of the essay you have to use a photo. Firstly, write about his height and a bit about his figure. For example, he is a tall man with strong arms and legs. Then mention his hair. Say, that his hairstyle is modern and quite stylish. He also has fair hair, and that is what makes him look like a serious man with big plans for the future. After that write about his face. For example, he has an oval face with big blue eyes and a little straight nose. Mention what you like most about your brother. That can be his eyes, cheeks, knees, whatever.
  • Here you have to write the most about your brother, and that means, that you have to include bad character traits too. Do not forget to use the information you have gathered.
  • Work or school. In this paragraph you have to describe his daily routine at his job or in the school (that depends on what he is doing now). Mention what is his attitude to people that surround him, what he likes and dislikes about his workplace or school.
  • Here you have to mention something really special like collecting little portraits of Harry Potter characters or planting exotic plants. This part is what makes a descriptive essay interesting and that is crucial for teachers.

The Last Paragraph

All you need to write here is that you love your brother very much as he is your guard and helping hand, and also mention why he is an example to follow. Typically, that is all you have to mention. If you are still unsure how to proceed, here is some more information.


Do not waste your time! Now you are armed with the best knowledge to write an awesome essay, so go and start preparing for your writing battle. Good luck!


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