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Dissertation Coaching, Editing, and Qualitative Statistics Analysis

470-355-2608 ET between 4 and 9 pm
Please do not leave a voice mail. Either call back or send an email to drlynw@gmail.com


​​Dissertation Coaching and Editing

Dr. Walden offers her coaching services by the hour or by the month. Services and conditions include all those listed below. One-on-one assistance may include the following:

  • Help understand and comply with mentor/committee/dean comments
  • Provide critical feedback
  • Remind client of all deadlines
  • Help keep track of references
  • Help with topic selection or refinement
  • Help select appropriate methodology and design
  • Help with alignment of title, purpose statement, problem statement, and research questions
  • Help find gap in literature
  • Help find significance of study
  • Break down the dissertation into manageable sections
  • Explain each section and give examples
  • Help find relevant peer-reviewed, current research, and dissertations
  • Provide template for annotation of research
  • Help with developing and synthesizing literature review
  • Identify passive voice when requested
  • Help find relevant instrument(s)
  • Help find appropriate theory or theories for theoretical/conceptual framework
  • Help with sample size
  • Help with IRB 
  • Change verb tense after IRB approval
  • Qualitative data analysis includes help with hand coding (refer to statistician for quantitative analysis and NVivo or other qualitative software)
  • Refer to transcriptionist when needed
  • Refer to quantitative statistician when appropriate
  • Help with figures, charts, and graphs
  • Set all page numbers, headings, and formatting to align with university requirements*
  • Check dissertation against university rubric*
  • Cross check references (help find missing references)
  • Assistance with editing 
  • Explaining APA
  • Assist with defense preparation including mock trial
  • Assistance with PowerPoint presentation for defense
*-This assumes the client sends the most recent template, rubric, and/or manual to Dr. Walden prior to the first edit. Sending the wrong template, rubric, and/or manual could result in additional charges.

Clients may pre-pay a block of consulting hours and may use those hours in any manner they so choose—phone consultation, reviewing their dissertation, editing, assisting with mentor feedback, etc.  When clients use up all the time from those pre-paid hours, they are expected to purchase another block of hours.  
Dr. Walden's office manager, Bill King, keeps a  log of hours spent. Dr. Walden charges an hourly rate with a set fee for normal business hours and reserves the right to charge additional fees for weekends, holidays, and rush orders.   
(Clients may pay on the PayPal link below.)

Dr. Walden will act as your  guide, mentoring and supporting you as you earn your degree. 
Her work is in addition to your work with your faculty advisor or chairperson.  
She  will assist you as you work with your committee. 
She will…
*Provide you email and phone support 
*Help you develop your chapters
*Assist you with the development or expansion of your literature review  
*Assist you with the development or expansion of your final chapters 

**(When Dr. Walden is available, she reserves the right to charge additional for Saturday work;  for work between 10 p.m. and 9 a.m., and for Sundays, rush orders, or work that requires the rescheduling of other clients.)

PayPal Options

Editing by the Word or by the Month

Member: Professional Editor's Network

               Please understand the difference between editing and revising. An editor only edits.

To just cross check your references from the text to bibliography and from the bibliography to the text is $1.50 per reference-no editing.  

To find missing references is $3.00 per missing reference..

Carol Hepler
Transcription, Resume, and Curriculum Vitae

​Carol Hepler began her career as an administrative assistant for a multi-million-dollar retail sterling silver matching service.  Over the next 10 years she grew the direct marketing department for the retailer to reach thousands of customers daily.  Her administrative and human resources skills evolved and she began to assist others with resume writing.

Mrs. Hepler discovered a passion for education and earned a B.S. in Early Childhood Education from Kennesaw State University and a MEd in Special Education from Georgia Southern University.  She continues to teach special needs students while providing resume writing and transcription services. Mrs. Hepler has worked with Dr. Walden since 2005.
For help with your resumes, CVs, or transcribing your quantitative interviews, you can contact Mrs. Hepler at carol.hepler@att.net
Please tell Carol you found her information on this website. Thanks

Although no one is perfect, 
I stand behind my work. Dr. Lyn Walden

I am one of those people who just can’t write.  I am smart, book smart, but I just can’t get it down on paper at least not down on 200 pages of paper.  It took me over a month to get up my courage to get my paper to Dr. Walden.  I was embarrassed because it was such a mess. I was ready to give up and drop out of the doctoral program.  One of my friends finally placed the call and put the phone in my hand. She told me I could trust Dr. Walden.  I am glad I did.  Dr. Walden coached me every step of the way, and I needed a lot of coaching.  I am now a doctor thanks to Dr. Walden.  There are no hidden costs…And she can cook!  I stayed at her house twice for three days each time.  That was the only way I could figure this thing out.  She is the best.  Dr. Jamel, Clark Atlanta University 
PowerPoint, e-Posters, other Writing Assignments: PowerPoint- $15 a slide with client providing text before start of the assignment (no notes added to slides), e-posters depend upon assignment, undergrad and master’s research papers and other assignments follow the same guideline as an edit; no revisions after 48 hours from time emailed to client.

The Process

1. Email your dissertation or prospectus to me at drlynw@gmail.com and click on the pop-up to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consult.  Please include your mentor's comments when you send your prospectus or dissertation.If you just want to talk to me, call her at 470-355-2608.
2. After discussing your needs, we will work together and decide on the hourly rate or assignment option. 
3. Complete form below and email confirmation to me.
4. If purchasing hours, purchase a block of hours through PayPal.  (Ten hours are recommended to start.)  If needing editing, prepay is required. If using assignment option, pay in advance. 
5. Complete form at bottom of this page and submit.

Disclaimer  updated 2/1/2015
Time Needed
Clients must allow at least 3  business days (72 hours) to prepare their prospectus, thesis, or dissertation for all but full edits; full edits require 5 business days for a dissertation (approximately 100 pages of text and 200 references). Clients who need work sooner must pay rush order prices or accept a simple proof read or equivalent.  
Client Plagiarism
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff assume no responsibility for any content a client may have plagiarized or copied.  Staff will not knowingly edit such work.  Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff reserve the right to refuse any work found offensive or any work so poorly written that it cannot be ethically edited.
Academic Evaluation
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff recognize that an academic evaluation of student work depends on considerations beyond our control.  We cannot be held legally or otherwise responsible for disappointing and/or unsatisfactory outcomes of any kind.
Change in Service
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff shall be entitled to increase prices to reflect an increase in costs resulting from:
• Client’s request for services beyond original contract 
• Any major alteration in or addition to your originally stated requirements
• Changes in your instructions or lack of instructions`
• Any interruptions, delays or additional overtime work arising from causes for which the staff is not directly responsible.
• Revelation of information not provided at sign up
*Rush orders, weekend work, holiday work
*Whenever a client goes more than 30 days without making a payment, any agreed upon contract or agreement shall end, and the client will revert to the new, current hourly priced rates. No work will commence without a prepaid block of hours purchased at the current rate.
Warranties and Guarantees
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff provide the best possible service to the best of our ability; however, we do not guarantee that edited documents are perfect or without error.  Those who access this service choose to on their own initiative.  Clients are responsible for compliance with local laws..
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff do not provide any warranties on any services.  We do not guarantee your grades will improve as we cannot control outside variables.
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff are not responsible for any circumstances beyond our control wherein we cannot complete our agreement, such as user errors, power outage, etc.  Coaching is scheduled on a monthly basis.  If we feel that a client is not benefiting from our services or is unrealistic, we may terminate services.  If a client carries an unpaid balance longer than 30 days, we may terminate services. Coaching and editing are professional services; there are no refunds given.
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff cannot be held legally or otherwise responsible for client's final product.  Many considerations beyond our control can occur, including the validity of the work and the opinion of the professor or assessors.
 Make certain you save a copy of your original work as we are not responsible for lost work.
Limitation of Liability
Although Dr. Walden and the Dreams toDegree staff take all reasonable care when working with your documents, the ultimate responsibility for your documents rests entirely with you, the client.  Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff disclaim liability for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from the use of the completed assignments.  
Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff are not liable for incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, or exemplary damages of any kind, including lost revenues or profits, loss of business or loss of data, in any way related to this service or for any claim, loss or injury based on errors or omission, interruptions, or any other inaccuracies (including without limitation as a result of the breach of any warranty or other term of this agreement).  
A client’s remedy for a claim shall be limited to the amount he/she has paid, if any, to Dr. Walden or Dreams to Degree  for use of any services provided by them provided proof of claim is demonstrated.  
Student Code of Conduct
Please carefully read your university’s code of conduct.  Be advised that you can have your prospectus or dissertation rejected, and you can be withdrawn from a graduate program for conduct violations.  Often, there is no recourse.  Keep this in mind before asking or expecting any unethical assistance.  Dr. Walden and the Dreams to Degree staff take all precautions to stay well within universities’ code of conduct guidelines. As one precaution, we do not assist with university forms, grievances, or any other paperwork.  We only work with clients on their PowerPoints and papers, i.e., theses, prospectuses, dissertations, etc. 
Contract Termination
Dr. Walden and Dreams to Degree may terminate a project at any time for any reason.
Prices subject to change.
"I didn't think I could afford a dissertation coach.  Now I know it's foolish and a waste of money not to hire a dissertation coach.  Dr. Walden saved me at least one quarter's tuition and probably a year or more of tuition. I came to her with a bunch of chicken scratches for a paper.  Within one week, I was able to submit a draft of my proposal that my mentor sent to committee.  Within two weeks of meeting Dr. Walden, I submitted my first three chapters to quality review and IRB.  Within six weeks, I was collecting data.  Within four months, I was a doctor.  My only regret is that I did not call her one year earlier.  She is magic!"  Dr. Ted, Phoenix
**Level 1 and 2 Editing by the Word: 
Check for grammar, punctuation, spelling and overall correctness
Check for consistency in syntax and tone
Correct formatting for APA
Check references in reference list or bibliography for formatting 
Cross check references and help find missing references (usually can find about 85%)
Offer suggestions to assist with clarity and flow
Check for repetition and awkward phrases
Correct figures and tables

**The difference between Level 1 and 2: In Level 1, Dr. Walden edits one time and corrects editing in the copy presented if needed. In Level 2, Dr. Walden edits as needed for 60 days. In addition, Dr. Walden will help with oral defense preparation in Level 2.

Does not include resolution of passive voice or anthropomorphism. If these services are desired, Dr. Walden requires a release from client's mentor. Additional fees are charged. 

 Word count is based on the words in the  document originally sent to Dr. Walden. If front pages and appendices are excluded in word count, these pages will not be edited until client pays per word for these pages. 

Level 2 editing services are good for 60 days to allow for changes because of mentor or dean requirements. Dr. Walden will correct any APA , typos, or grammatical errors limited to the original document. 
Please know, if your committee, mentor, or dean completely changes or has you change your dissertation or document, you will be charged additional charges at an hourly rate  based on amount of changes. 

Contact Dr. Walden regarding editing by the month.

Set Headings and Layout (pagination) according to client's university's requirements: $0.02 a word based on total document wordcount--no editing.

Dr. Walden was highly referred to me by several people so I called her. She was so nice and kind and I was so tired that I just trusted her right away.  I thought I was finished but the dean and Capella’s formal editor required a thorough edit of my dissertation before they would grant my degree. 
Dr. Walden edited my dissertation and located over 15 missing references in 4 days. It sailed right through the dean and formal editor smooth as silk.  She is amazing.  I strongly recommend you call her.  Dr. LaVerne, Capella University


There is no doubt in my mind, I would not have my PhD today if it weren't for Dr. Lyn.  Thank you so much! Jerry, Walden University

"I didn't think I could afford a dissertation coach.  Now I know it's foolish and a waste of money not to hire a dissertation coach.  Dr. Walden saved me at least one quarter's tuition and probably a year or more of tuition. I came to her with a bunch of chicken scratches for a paper.  Within one week, I was able to submit a draft of my proposal that my mentor sent to committee.  Within two weeks of meeting Dr. Walden, I submitted my first three chapters to quality review and IRB.  Within six weeks, I was collecting data.  Within four months, I was a doctor.  My only regret is that I did not call her one year earlier.  She is magic!"  Dr. Ted, Phoenix

"I promise, whatever you spend on Dr. Walden will be well worth it!  She will save you more in tuition than you will ever spend on her. I figure she saved me about $6000 to $12000 compared to my colleagues."
Doctor John, Walden University

"I absolutely love Dr. Lyn!  One night I called her at midnight I was so distressed. My mentor had made 300 comments in my beautiful paper.  I was broken, ready to give up.  I called Dr. Lyn and she had me laughing out loud in five minutes.  She helped with every one of the comments and I was in IRB within two weeks.  I am now Doctor Lois! I could not have made it without the caring support of that white-haired grandma, Dr. Lyn.  When she says she will stand by you, she means it. Through thick and thin, she will be there for you. If it takes 10 - 20 revisions, she will be there and smile all along the way.  She is the most easy-going person I have ever met.  I know she is my friend for life." (Dr. Lois, Walden University)
"I thought I was done---thought is the operative word here!  The formal editor at Capella had other plans for me.  That person slammed me with over 20 pages of changes for my dissertation.  I called my editor, yes, I had paid another editor. That service just hung up on me.  My wedding and honeymoon were two weeks away.  I was devastated.  A friend told me to call Dr. Walden.  I didn’t. I gave it to my friend and told her to just handle it.  Thank goodness she did.  Dr. Walden took care of the whole thing in less than a week.  I wish I had known about Dr. Walden first. She cost less than the editing service I hired who messed up my dissertation.  Call Dr. Walden first. She will save you money and headaches!" (Dr. Amelia, Capella University)
I priced all the other coaches and Dr. Walden was not only less expensive than the others, she was the only one who would stand by me after my mentor and different committees tore up my paper.  At first, I did not believe she would do this, but we have been together since March 2013 and she had revised my paper at least a dozen times not because of her mistakes, just because of this dissertation process.  The price she quoted me has been the price that has stood—no hidden costs!  She is the greatest!!!  I am just waiting on the dean to sign, and I will be done.  Without Dr. Walden, I would still be in Doc733 trying to get my prospectus submitted to Quality Review and IRB.  I figure she has saved me about $6000.  Gerald, University of Phoenix
Dr. Walden will act as your  guide, mentoring and supporting you as you earn your degree. 
Her work is in addition to your work with your faculty advisor or chairperson.  
She  will assist you as you work with your committee. 

*Provide you with ongoing support throughout the entire process 
* Help you understand your criticisms and recommendations from various professors and committees 
*Remind you of deadlines
*Help you find research and reading materials
*Refer you to a statistician if deemed necessary (statistician's fees are separate)
*Coach you before orals 
*Ensure confidentiality
Dr. Walden is by far one of the most giving and intelligent women I have ever met.  She does not claim to know everything about every subject. However, she is dedicated and more than willing to assist you with finding the materials you need.  Dr. Walden does not complete your  dissertation for you. She empowers you with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in the dissertation process.  Most importantly, if all else fails, take her advice. TRUST me, Dr. Walden knows what she is talking about. Leila, Grand Canyon University

Oh, grad school. Delayed gratification, procrastination, perfectionism, continual criticism, pressure to “publish or perish,” uncertainty about the future, fuzzy rules, social isolation, and so on. Plus of course the enormous challenges of doing a dissertation or thesis . . . and the problems that arise from not doing it (when you know you should). If you’re struggling to make progress, consider working with me.

Working with me can help you:

  • Be accountable to a supportive champion (me!)
  • Set realistic goals and deadlines
  • Understand how you work best
  • Figure out a routine that works for you
  • See your situation from a new, useful perspective
  • Be motivated to tackle challenging tasks
  • Identify and deal with inner criticism that keeps you stuck
  • Identify and act in accordance with your core values and strengths
  • And more!

I have helped graduate students establish good writing habits, work more effectively and efficiently, take guilt-free time off, determine how best to communicate with their supervisors, achieve a better balance between paid employment and academic work, and make progress on their dissertations and theses.

Jennifer got me over the hump that was preventing me from writing. I am now moving ahead with a lot more confidence and clarity about what I am doing and how I should do it. Having someone who is not related to me or on my committee interested in listening on a specific time and date was tremendously useful in terms of getting my thoughts organized—like a self imposed deadline that provides you with accountability to someone else who is not judgmental or critical.

– Carolyn, ABD

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