Coursework Collection Zone Dmu

  • There is a lift for public use.

  • The lift is located just inside the main entrance.

  • The lift is a standard lift.

  • The floors which are accessible by this lift are LG, G, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

  • Wall mounted information boards are provided at lift landings.

  • There are manual, heavy, single doors to from the first floor upwards and on the lower ground floor.

  • The lift is approximately 4m (4yd 1ft) from the main entrance.

  • Staff do not need to be notified for use of the lift.

  • The dimensions of the lift are 184cm x 139cm (6ft x 4ft 7in).

  • The clear door width is 110cm (3ft 7in).

  • There are not separate entry and exit doors in the lift.

  • There is a mirror to aid reversing out of the lift.

  • The lift does have a visual floor indicator.

  • The lift does have an audible announcer.

  • The lift does not have a hearing loop system.

  • The lift does not have Braille markings.

  • The lift does have tactile markings.

  • The controls for the lift are within 90cm - 120cm from the floor.

  • The lighting level in the lift is medium.

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