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Sample Personal Statement for Multimedia Technology

Over the past two decades, computer science and technology have achieved unprecedented development. Computer technical application has penetrated into every domain of social life and, combined with the research findings from other disciplines, are dramatically revolutionizing the conventional patterns. In this age of information, people can evolve totally refreshing experiences through computer and its network. As an accomplished student majoring in computer science and engineering, while experiencing the joy of learning computer knowledge and applying computer technology, I have come to ferret out the specialized areas I am interested in—Multimedia Technology.

I believe that, apart from inspirations, any academic breakthroughs and innovations can only derive from a substantial theoretical buildup. China has the largest number of potential Internet users and the largest demand for computer professionals, yet an immense gap exists between it and the advanced countries in the west in terms of teaching and research. For this reason, I have decided that upon the completion of my undergraduate program in the summer of 2004, I would like to embark on a Mphil program in Multimedia Technology at the Department of Computer Science, the University of XX. I wish that, as one of the most prestigious universities in the XX and in the world, the University of XX may educate me in the most updated theory and enhance my research capacity, ultimately helping me make important achievements in my proposed fields.

The 4-year rigorous and systematic undergraduate education at the University of XX, arguably the best polytechnic university in China’s western region, has equipped me with a comprehensive academic foundation in computer science and engineering, which qualifies me for more advanced academic pursuit. My study of the specialty is as systematic as it is wide-ranged. I started with the basic courses in electric circuit, principles and design of electronic components, through computer hardware, system structure, and finally to principles of operating systems, programming, software technology, as well as multimedia technology and computer network. Of course, I am also well-grounded in mathematics and C++, both of which are strongly recommended as prerequisite conditions for your program.

One special advantage of my undergraduate program is that 80% of our curriculum is bilingual; the textbooks for Computer Operating Systems, Object-Oriented Technology and Software Engineering are directly imported from the XX and XX. In this bilingual environment, I not only have been exposed to the most updated information that my XX and XX counterparts are learning but also improved my English proficiency remarkably. This unique advantage will be vital in that it will increase my adaptability to your all-English academic environment by eradicating most, if not all, language barriers characteristic of most Chinese students.

As is evidenced by my academic transcript, I achieved an overall GPA of 88.4 on a 100-point grading system and 91.2 in the specialty courses, which places me in a consistent top ranking among a total of 607 students in my grade throughout the years. This unrivalled academic performance has brought me first-class scholarships at the university-level for three consecutive years. But achieving academic excellence is not my sole purpose as I realize that the improvement of hands-on abilities should be an equally important responsibility of an engineering student. For two semesters as a junior student, I served as a teaching assistant at XX and, as such, I completed the analysis and modification of the inner core of Linux, including producing analytical reports, source codes, the sectional drawing of the debugging results. I also participated in the development of hotel management system of the Guest House at the University of XX, in which I was responsible for demands analysis, specification formulation, and the design of data flow chart. On the strength of my mathematics talents, I took part in the national mathematical modeling contest in which I won the second prize.

My research potential can be demonstrated by the graduation project that I am undertaking at present. The topic that I have chosen is XX, which focuses on the special features of the Ethernet and the technical requirements of real-time network and other related technical issues. I plan to design a system of protocols with which to realize the real-time data transmission on the Ethernet. I will base my thesis on the research findings from this project and the success of my design will generate considerable commercial profits and will significantly enhance proficiency.

I plan to concentrate on a specific area of research during my proposed program at your esteemed university—Multimedia Technology. As an independent discipline, multimedia technology developed as a result of the integration between computer technology, communication network technology and mass communications technology. By combining voice, video, images and text within messages, the technology involves the processing of information most directly connected with the daily life of ordinary people. In China, with the increased opening of its telecommunications industry, multimedia communications business dominated by Internet and data transmission is bound to become the mainstream sector in information service. It is beyond doubt that China has the largest potential market in the world in terms of multimedia technology, but technically China has a lot to learn from advanced western countries. As a student majoring in computer science and engineering, I have always been interested in multimedia technology and have acquired considerable specialized knowledge in this field. In addition, I have some practical research and development experiences. I wish that, through your program, I can acquire systematic knowledge and practical experience in multimedia technology, grasping its theories, methodology, and techniques. In this way, I can develop into a well-trained specialist on multimedia technology.

The Department of Computer Science at the University of XX will provide an ideal environment for me to grow into a successful specialist on multimedia technology because my belief is that “the best way to learn is to learn from the best.” Although established only in 2001 from XX, your department is already ranked among the top 4 XX computer departments, with a distinctive academic style and emphasizing on the application of knowledge to useful ends. Catering to a wide range of research interests, your program offers three broadly-organized concentrations—Mathematical Foundation & Application, Human-Computer Interaction, and Media Technology. I am particularly interested in the latter two fields. Your program is perfectly integrated to my research interests and for this very reason can offer me the best education that can be sought nowhere else.

As your program is jointly run with the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, I have formulated a special study plan. I am relatively strong in computer science and technology but comparatively weak in EE, therefore I will make extra efforts to learn specialized courses in EE, with special emphasis on digital communications and digital audio-video technology. Then, having grasped relevant theories and technical skills, I will narrow down to three specific areas—Human-Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality and Multimedia. Finally, I will endeavor to choose a meaningful topic and participate in a project on this topic leading to a dissertation.

If admitted by your esteemed university, I will contribute my diversified extracurricular talents. I am the main avant-garde of our university’s championship-winning basketball team and the vice editor-in-chief of our university’s student journal. As head of XX, I once led a 20-person team to visit XX TOP Software Park and organized serial lectures on computer on campus. Finally, I have been an actor in two English plays The Singer and The Millionaire in which I played the protagonist during the art festivals.

To become an IT elite in China has always been my long-cherished aspiration. Toward this ideal, I will keep pursuing with a young and passionate heart, whether in my own country China or in the beautiful University of XX of an equally great nation.


Sample Personal Statement for Media & Communication

If an allegory can be used to describe the internship I undertook recently, I would choose that of the metamorphosis of a chrysalis into a butterfly—the achievement of maturity through a difficult process of hard struggles. Since July this year, as a graduating student from the School of Journalism and Communication, University of XX,I arrived in XX and worked as a practicing journalist with three media organizations including XX. For the first time in my life, I was confronted with the rich and vibrant social and economic realities of China and my professional training required me to capture the very pulses of this rapidly changing society, together with its live issues and underlying forces, with perceptiveness and precision and to apply in-depth analysis through macro perspectives.

At the very outset, I had difficulty in developing a focus amid a wide range of possible subjects. On the other hand, the break-neck efficiency and tremendous rigorousness required by the media industry were almost beyond me. It was a real challenge when I saw how some of my first reports were rejected. After initial disorientation, I gradually adapted to my exciting journalistic role and my broad ken of knowledge played an important role. XX is the sole dominant media in China’s industrial world, featuring general economic information and in-depth coverage of specific issues. There I published a total of five substantial reports and in-depth commentaries including XX Subsequently, I shifted my internship to XX and to XX where I published yet another dozen articles likeXX, and XX. The editors-in-chief duly recognized my professional standards and potential while some of my publications provided importance reference for local decision-makers in the related fields. My hard efforts paid off when I was awarded the honor Outstanding Practicing Journalist of 2004 for my reportorial achievements by XX.

The internship proved a defining experience. It served as a bridge linking my academic training with the larger world where this training is to be applied. It improved my ability to deal with complicated realities and to put theoretical knowledge to practical use. It allowed me to see my strength as well as limitations. Above all, it reinforced my determination to seek more advanced academic training so that I can become a truly high-achieving media worker that I have always wanted to be.

University of XX is a first-rate comprehensive university of the country and the School of Journalism and Communication is ranked among top national level in a recent overall assessment. Its broad-based curriculum has given me all the important knowledge requisite of a journalism and communication major. I have excelled especially in History of Communication Science and Technology, Journalistic Reporting, Newspaper Editing, Mass Communication, and New Webpage Design, with highest scores of the class in most of them. Those courses not only permitted me to gain important insights into journalism as an academic discipline but also heightened my journalistic sensitivity. I had a slow start in my first year, nevertheless, my extra efforts since then put me in steady ascendancy in my academic performance, ending up in a top 5 ranking.

My parents are both senior engineers and their wide-ranged knowledge made me aware very early in my life of the importance of comprehensive personal development. During my undergraduate program, my interest in journalism has transcended mere curiosity to become a potential career pursuit. Therefore I paid special attention to be well-read in order to broaden my horizon. Apart from academic work, I became a correspondent for the university newspaper when I was a sophomore and have since been reporting on major campus events. I have kept improving my writing skills, the problem-solving skills as well as teamwork skills. Finally, I have been a member of the class committee in charge of publicity, and a social worker for HOPE Project, a nationwide voluntary support program to bring the dropouts in impoverished rural areas back to school. For my academic and extracurricular achievements, I have been awarded first-class scholarship for years and was the Outstanding Student of the University.

Under the guidance of my advisor Prof. XX, I am currently preparing my bachelor’s thesis—XX. The issues to be discussed included the specific measures of media reform, the underlying reasons behind the reform (the country’s modernization process, social progress and the changing needs of the audience), how to implement brand strategy for media organizations. The conclusions to be drawn will be useful in that the thesis stresses effective communication, the need to improve the professional standards of the media practitioners, and the market-oriented operations of the media industry to supplant government ideology.

What is exciting about China’s media and communication industry for the next decade is that, like the radical social and economic changes, changes in the existing media framework will also be inevitable. The low public credibility of media, the ideological rigidity, the ineffectiveness of media as a means of opinion supervision, the un-rationalized resource allocation, and the lack of market awareness, all those inadequacies must be altered before a new era of media development can be expected. To achieve those desired changes, the development well-trained media workers is indispensable. My present application for a Master’s program in media and communication at XX is precisely motivated by the recognition that, having received a standard undergraduate education, I must acquire international perspectives by studying in a country with developed media industry. With this international background and education, I may be well equipped to face the challenges in China’s future media profession, which is increasingly penetrated by international media organizations.

The UK is acknowledged for its cutting-edge teaching and research in media and communications in the world. I am delighted to find that the Department of Media and Communications of XX is interdisciplinary in nature, bringing together teaching and research across social sciences, focusing strongly on media and technology change and their implications for social, economic and political life, and for policy making. Students are trained to study, to think, and to solve problems independently and creatively. Like the multifaceted metropolis of London, the scholarly work there is also pluralistic, allowing students to listen to different voices concerning the social, political and economic issues of the world. I believe that an exposure to diverse concepts and ideas in this vigorous academic climate is beneficial to my development of independent opinions and decisions.

Whenever I envision that I could be so close to British media giants like BBC, I cannot help feeling excited. My prospective program at XX will definitely become a turning point in my life. By studying how British and international television, broadcasting, printing and electronic media operate, I will acquire knowledge highly relevant to China’s media profession. The relevance will be two-folded. First, my increased professional standards will made me an accomplished journalist and as such I will contribute to the role of supervision of the public opinion. Secondly, I am also interested in learning media management and the capital operations of the media market. This will enable me to work my way into the management of a media organization as I become a senior media worker. Whatever my career path will be, I will have to depend on your program for the requisite professional qualifications.


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