Chc2d Exam Essay Questions

Course Outline
Click here for your Course Outline.

In Class Test - Revision Sheet

Day 2/4 Defining the Holocaust - Google Slide

WWII Diary Writing Assignment

Blitzkrieg over France WWII in Colour Video

Steps to War Powerpoint

1920s and 1930s Test Revision Sheet (CLICK HERE!)

The Rise of Adolf Hitler - Video

The Impact of the Automobile

1919 - Paris Peace Conference

Please click on the attached map to incorporate it into your country's presentation for the Paris Peace Conference simulation in class during out next lesson.
Map of Europe 1914
Additionally, here is a trailer to an amazing documentary about the Paris Peace
Conference; Paris 1919
Hopefully it will put you in the mood to debate and discuss your country's desires!

Important Dates
Day 1/3 CHC2D1-02

Country Profiles Due: Wed, May 18th
Present/Summarize Country: Fri, May 20th


United Nations General Assembly 
Day 1 - Issue on North Korea: Wed, May 25th
​Day 2 - Issues TBD: Fri, May 27th

IN CLASS TEST: Thursday June 2nd 

Powerpoint from Model UN
Important Dates
Day 2/4 CHC2D1-03

Country Profiles Due: Tues, May 17th
Present/Summarize Country:  Thurs, May 19th

United Nations General Assembly
Day 1 - Issues on North Korea: Tues, May 24th
Day 2 - Issues TBD: Thurs, May 26th​

IN CLASS TEST: Wednesday June 1st

Powerpoint from Model UN

Model United Nations Simulation Summative

Assignment Outline & Rubric
Historical Perspectives Topics Sheet  (pick your top 5 for next class)
Paper copies will be distributed in class.

1920s and 1930s Biographical Essay Template

Click here to download the essay template.
Click here for access to the documentary about Henry Ford and the Model T to accompany today's lesson about positive and negative impacts of the automobile on society in the 1920s (and onwards).

World War I Essay

Essay topics have been distributed in class today and students are advise to select their topic of inquiry (only 1 from the 5 outlined) by early next week.  Essay outlines have been distributed in class today (Oct 7th) and more information regarding account and Works Cited sourcing of your papers will be shared and posted in class.
Some updates to help with your writing are posted below:
WWI Essay Outline Chart 
Read Write Think's Essay Planner (save and print)
MLA Work Citation Page Help with Citation Machine 

The Spark that Ignited WWI - Assassination in Sarajevo

Distinguishing causation of historical events is crucial to the historian.
As we have established some long term causes, such as Alliances Imperialism, Militarism & Nationalism, it was events on Sunday June 28th, 1914 in Sarajevo which triggered the start of World War I.

Click on Gavrilo Princip's image to the left to read more about this fateful day in World History.

WWI - Call to Arms - video to go with worksheet the Outbreak of WWI

Steps to War in the Summer of 1914

In class we are examining the steps that led to the outbreak of WWI and the problems that Germany faced in the summer of 1914.
Collect the notes from your teacher for this lesson.

Curious as to the reasons that Italy declared its neutrality on the eve of war?
Read this excerpt to understand the Italian perspective on events.
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Class Expectations... and other tips
File Size: 26 kb
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TURNITIN Instructions
File Size: 23 kb
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Download File

*due in class September 29th  
"Spend time with your parents, treat them well. Because one day, when you look up from your phone, they won't be there anymore."
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Assignment #2- WWI Propaganda Poster & Presentation
*presentations begin Oct 25th  
Remember, nothing in advertising is accidental!

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Homework: The following three files made up the one "home front" booklet distributed in class. It was classwork, which if unfinished you were to do for homework. Use the scanned pages below as your resource.
File Size: 16 kb
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File Size: 16 kb
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Scanned textbook pages for the home front packages:
File Size: 4710 kb
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File Size: 7745 kb
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Tip: Watch "Canada: a People's History" episode: Ordeal by Fire on Youtube!!! (this will help you on your test! :)

WWI Test- Nov. 21st

Extra time? 
Period 2 stays into lunch (bring your lunch)
Period 3 arrive to the classroom at 12pm
Period 4 stays after school
-Multiple Choice (15 questions)
-Terms (Identify and Explain Significance) 5 terms given, you choose 3 to write about. More detail= better marks
-Map of Europe at the start of WWI, includes naming the countries/empires of the Triple Entente and Central Powers, and three "new" countries created after WWI
-Image analysis or poem analysis
-Propaganda analysis
-Long answer (one paragraph)
*there are three different versions of the test, not all the above will be on each
​4 Long term Causes (M.A.I.N)
Spark of the War (Assassination of Archduke of Austria-Hungary)
Battles! (Ypres, Somme, Vimy, Passchendaele)
War in the air!
War at Sea!
Home front (includes contributions made from home, the conscription crisis, racism, the laws that were in effect) *study the package you completed using the textbooks
Russia out, USA in
Treaty of Versailles

Consider the negative impact that the war had on Canada, as well as the positive impact that the war had on Canada.
To do this, it would be wise to make a list of "negatives" and one for "positives." Be specific!

Good Times and Bad in the 1920s and 1930s!
Use the readings to complete the booklet

File Size: 168 kb
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1920s and 1930s Group Presentations
Presentation Dates: December 16th & 22nd
You will be given two library periods to help you prepare

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Spotlight Canada Textbook Scanned Pages
Political and Social Conditions of Post War Canada

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Bibliography Tips and Exemplar​ (Chicago Style)

File Size: 25 kb
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"Intolerance in the 1920s and 1930s" Booklet & Textbook Pages

Mid-Term Essay 
Plan Due: Feb. 22nd
Essay Due: March 27th. Hand in a hard copy with your plan and upload soft copy to Turnitin

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WWII Artefact and Oral Presentation
Due: April 5th (tentatively)

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