Process Analysis At Arnold Palmer Hospital Case Study Answers

Week 6: Process Analysis at Arnold Palmer HospitalDiscussion QuestionsAfter viewing the video and reading the case, answer these questions. Note:You are required to create two (2) process flowcharts in order to complete this assignment.1.As Diane’s new assistant, you need to flowchart this processusing the informationprovided in the case study and video. Explain how the process might be improved onceyou have completed this chart. (40points)This process may be improved by taking a look at all the steps and pinpointed which areas take longer and which areas seem to be flowing smoothly. This could give a better insight to areas where too much time is being spent. The flowchart is in an attachment with the home file. 2.If a mother is scheduled for a C-section birth (i.e., the baby is removed from the womb surgically), how would this flowchart change? (10 points)If a mother is scheduled for a C-section birth then after step 2, with a scheduled Caesarean-section she would still need to go to the Labor and Delivery Triage for her assessment. She

Case Study: Arnold Palmer Hospital

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News and World Report. It is the only hospital in all of central Florida with an emergency/trauma center dedicated specifically to pediatric patients. It opened in 1989, and in 2006 became a children's hospital focused solely on speciality and subspecialty healthcare for children (Hospital Web Site, 2011).
Process #
Check In
Baby Born in route or birth immanent
Taken directly to bed, registered there, move to 8th for to labor and delivery, if no complications move to step 6.
Baby not yet born
Mother is either pregistered or goes to office on Floor 1
Mother taken to 8th floor (Labor and Delivery Triage); may move to L&D on floor 2 or go to step 5
Not ready to deliver
Either sent home or asked to walk around grounds to encourage contractions; then resent to Triage
If no complications, 2 hours later M/B xfer to floors 3,4 or 5 to MB unit for 40-44 hours
Operating Room or ICU; when stable to MB unit; baby may go to either
When ready, both may be discharged or transferred; baby may stay if complications arise
Flow Chart Analysis- The hospital consistently uses a flow chart tool to examine and re-examine ways to improve processes. The current process is below:

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