Aps Birpur Holiday Homework Challenge


Parent Orientation Program for the parents was conducted atBirpur auditorium. The session was taken by Dr (Mrs)RashmiWadhwa (Counselor, APS Birpur), Mrs Bindu Sharma, Principal, Mrs Mona Rai and Ms PriyankaAneja (Coordinator, Primary) as per details given below 1. Parents of Cl I-V                -  MrsRashmiWadhwa, Counselor


2. Parents of Cl X                  -  Mrs Mona Rai.

3. Parents of Cl IX          -    MrsBindu Sharma.

              The main agenda of the parents orientation programme was to make them aware about the new remodeled education policy introduced by CBSE this year. Rest of session will be conducted in Jul 2017.

               On 21st Apr 2017, Parent Orientation Program for the parents of Class III students was conducted in the Birpur auditorium. The session was taken by DrMrs Rashmi Wadhwa (Counselor, APS Birpur) and MsPriyanka Aneja (Coordinator, APS Primary). Following points were discussed with the parents.

  1. Expectations of parents
  2. Examination system
  3. School app and School website
  4. Almanac
  5. Uniform and discipline
  6. Online Fee system
  7. Changes in behavior of the students in the age group of 10-12.
  8. Various security measures taken by the school
  9. School planner
  10. Vision of the school

The parents were also told not to send their wards for the tuitions. The parents benefitted by the session and appreciated the efforts of the school.


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