Refworks Bibliography Generator

RefWorks is a web-based citation management service used for storing and organizing citations, as well as automatically formatting bibliographies with Microsoft Word. 

It is similar to EndNote, but your citations are stored on the RefWorks server rather than on your local machine and thus you must be connected to the Internet to use RefWorks.

RefWorks is free to University of Michigan faculty, students and staff while you are part of the University.

RefWorks will help you:

Organize – RefWorks enables researchers to organize and manage their research data. 

     Access – RefWorks allows users to access their databases from any Web-connected source.

   Collaborate – RefWorks offers a tool which provides users with a quick and easy way to share their research via the Web, allowing viewers the ability to provide feedback and create bibliographies, further enhancing collaborative research.


Important Note: If you have already started writing a paper using the Write-n-Cite plugin for RefWorks v.2, you should NOT try to finish it using the plugin for v.3. This may cause formatting errors. 

There are two main ways to upgrade your citation library from legacy RefWorks v.2 to new RefWorks v.3. 

  • If you don't have a v.3 account yet, log into your v.2 account and click the link that says "Move to the latest version of RefWorks" at the top of the screen. This will lead you through creating a v.3 account and importing your citations to the new account.
  • If you already have a v.3 account, log into your v.2 account and export your citations using the References - Export menu item, choosing the RefWorks tagged format. Then log into your v.3 account and use the Import References command under the "+" menu.

If you want, you can continue using v.2 this year, or even use both v.2 and v.3. Legacy RefWorks v.2 will be available until at least  Summer Semester 2017. 

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