How To Write An Art Appreciation Essay

Steps for analyzing, critiquing and writing about a work of art.

Learning to appreciate and understand art will enhance your life. It will bring another dimension to understanding culture, art movements, society and history. You will recognize trends and visual commentary that may give you insight into the political, social, religious and cultural paradigms of the artist’s world in which he lived or lives. Art is communication, decoration, commentary and visual argument. You may or may not like a certain work or you may not value it but to understand it may assist you in making those judgments. Understanding the creative process is also a good step to exploring careers in creative and design fields.

Who What When and Where

Determine the bare facts about the art that you are viewing. Who did it, what is the name of the artist? When and where did the artist live?

Methods and Material

What is it made of and how was it accomplished? Is it carved wood, welded steel, cast bronze, chiseled stone? Is it made of multiple materials that are glued, nailed and screwed together? Is it a painting? Is it on canvas, paper, fabric, wood or some other material?

Be sure to check the label because sometimes the material is not what it appears to be. Deborah Butterfield, for example, is a well known sculptor of horses. Her assemblages look like the horses are made from driftwood and sticks but they are actually cast bronze.

Essay on The Art of Writing

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Writing is like art- it helps us to express ourselves. However, writing differs from art in that it has to follow specific parameters, such as structure, syntax, grammar, and so on. At the beginning of the quarter, I had preconceived ideas as to what "good" writing was, and how I should go about it. While working on my first assignment, I discovered that to be reasonably successful at this I had to leave behind my perceptions of writing as it is accepted in my country and to start from scratch. Throughout this portfolio, I demonstrate my development and growth as a writer. In the creation of this portfolio, I have accomplished several of the global objectives for this class. These included writing a clear thesis statement, showing…show more content…

It should give your readers the idea what are you going to write about, and, at the same time, to attract them. For example, the thesis statement of my illustrative essay “Generation Y” is short, but it is very capacious. It presents the purpose of this essay that is to illustrate my ideas about how Generation Y differs from other generations and what makes it unique. Accordingly, my arguments are related to the purpose, and coherence and unity of the paragraphs make this essay understandable to the audience that I wish to target. Nevertheless, even though my skill of organization has been vastly improved, I still need polish it. During this class I have also sharpened my critical analysis skills. Though writing has always been one of my strengths, in-class writing was a bit challenging. It’s not so easy to organize your ideas within a limited period of time. So, polishing the skill of “brainstorming” has helped me a lot. Now I can formulate my ideas much better and choose the best ones. In this process it’s very important to distinguish between details and trivia. I am now able to deal with more complex ideas because I have learned how to sustain a logical argument in a more organized manner. Therefore, my writing has become increasingly more concise. I’ve also come to understand the difference between a strong and complete statement when compared to a weak and incomplete one. For instance, my

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