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Hate crimes encompasses a broad concept with regards to the disability, religion, ethnicity and race, and sexual orientation of an individual or group of people. It is not only the physical term and aspect of committing crimes against certain people, but also a way of degrading and debasing the belongingness and identity of one person. We could say that a statement that would humiliate ones personality or group, whether seriously said or sarcastically delivered, in any way, is committing a hate crime. However, there are many conditions and considerations to take in defining and identifying hate crimes with other crimes. According to Jack Levin and Jack Mcdevitt of Northwestern University, "it involves actions that have already been defined as illegal in state or federal statutes, it specifies the motivation for committing the offense; it requires that a racial, religious, ethnic or some other identified difference between victim and offender play at least some role in inspiring the criminal act, and it does not identify a particular set of protected groups to which the hate crime designation can be exclusively applied."

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